The Marketplace, Then & Now!

THANOS! INFINITY GAUNTLET! LEGION OF SUPER HEROES! JOKER! DEATH METAL! Rob examines today’s comic book marketplace  through the lens of...

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Superman vs. Spider-Man!

What happens when the two biggest players in the business finally get ready to rumble? How did Marvel &...

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Death Becomes Them!

Tragic and unexpected deaths ushered in a new era of mature comics that challenged fans and readers. Rob revisits...

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Dark Knight & Watchmen! Miller & Moore!

Rob Liefeld is joined by guest host Jimmy Jay as they take a deep dive into Dark Knight Returns...

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Legendary Runs! The Rise of Art Adams! Legion Of Super Heroes!

Career connections are the result of extended runs that create crucial bonds between readers and creators! Rob shares the...

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Secret Wars & the Rise of the Cross Over Event!

Mini-series and Cross Over events arrived in the 80’s, signaling a huge shift in dynamics between publishers, retailers and...

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