Comic Book Feuds! Liefeld vs. McFarlane, Part 1!

A feud for the ages! So big it can’t be contained in just one installment!! In July 1996, Rob Liefeld moved his popular titles, including the comic that launched Image Comics, Youngblood, to Maximum Press, a publishing label Liefeld owned outright. This created a turbulent, hostile response from his Image partners, none as furious as the one from Todd McFarlane. Accusations were thrown, Threats were issued, Lawsuits filed and angry words exchanged. Follow the entire saga from the beginning, including the catalogue preview that lit the fuse, and the legendary 1997 Comics Journal interview by McFarlane that has to be heard to be believed, leading the Journal to say “We Know Todd’s pissed as a raving monkey”.

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Comic Book Feuds! Mike Turner vs. Top Cow!

A bitter dispute between talent and label creates a window of opportunity that provides an alternative path putting Michael Turner on top of the comics world! Turner’s introduction to the big two publishers was a result of a standoff with his former studio, his work at DC put him in another league of recognition and acclaim which carried until his tragic passing in 2008.

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Comic Book Feuds! Alan Moore vs. The World!

The most celebrated scribe in the history of modern comics, Alan Moore, (Watchmen, From Hell) has feuds with both Marvel & DC! His feuds are almost as notorious as his acclaimed stories. Rob walks you through the timeline that finds Alan vowing to never work for DC Comics again post Watchmen controversy, which he maintained right up until DC acquired his newest line of titles without his knowledge. The bogus “firewall”, sold as a barrier to settle Moore’s misgivings about DC, held briefly until they meddled and lost him once again. Forever?

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Comic Book Feuds! Part 1. The X-Men!

Our Comic Book Feuds series kicks off with a Clash of Titans! Together, John Byrne and Chris Claremont created the most acclaimed run in modern comic books. Their X-Men stories transformed the industry, adapted in no less than 4 Major motion pictures as well as cartoons and toys. Their celebrated work inspired a generation, until they parted ways, never to work together at Marvel again. Rob breaks down the differences that led to their epic break up and weighs the benefits for both men and it’s impact on all of fandom.

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Marvel Studios: The Rise Of The D-List!

Prior to Disney purchasing Marvel and the MCU Films going on their extended run of unprecedented box office success, the market was uncertain of their prospects. Back in 2004, the business world preached caution, advising that all Marvel had left was “inferior characters” going so far as to hedge against them as they prepared to finance their own slate of films. Rob has done the research and takes you all the way back, examining the articles & opinions from Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and others as they doubled down with doubt as to Marvel’s future. Little did they know what was to come!

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DUETS! Comic Book’s Greatest Jams!

Everyone loves a great duet, two top talents combining to forge a new sound, or in this case, look! Comic books has long boasted many such collaborations where two unique, powerhouse talents combine, becoming one, often offering an alternate look with equal appeal. Rob counts down his favorite duets in the history of comic books!

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