The Man Of Steel! 1986 & The Superman Reboot

In 1986, DC Comics, seeking a total reinvention of Superman, recruited John Byrne, Marvel’s brightest star, to relaunch their storied franchise and make him accessible to a younger generation....

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The Influencers!

The Kirby Clones! The Adams Effect! The movers and shakers of comic book influences, the styles that launched an army of imitators! Barry Windsor Smith! Jim Steranko! Stephen Platt!...

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Marvel Management: 1975-2010

Since the heyday of Stan Lee, The Editor In Chief has always held a special position of power and influence at Marvel, guiding and shaping the path of the...

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Secret Wars & the Rise of the Cross Over Event!

Mini-series and Cross Over events arrived in the 80’s, signaling a huge shift in dynamics between publishers, retailers and fans. It changed comic books forevermore! Was it all just...

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Legendary Runs! The Rise of Art Adams! Legion Of Super Heroes!

Career connections are the result of extended runs that create crucial bonds between readers and creators! Rob shares the most important career advice he ever received from the one...

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Dark Knight & Watchmen! Miller & Moore!

Rob Liefeld is joined by guest host Jimmy Jay as they take a deep dive into Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen, the two most acclaimed comic book publications in...

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