Indiana Jones and The Comic Connection!

From its inception, the producers of Raiders of The Lost Ark recruited legendary comic book talents to help create its distinct look and style. We examine all the comic book connections and discuss the inspiration for the original graphic novel and subsequent adaptations of Indiana Jones.

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THE PUBLIC DOMAIN! Superman! Mickey Mouse! Conan! Batman!

An avalanche of legendary characters are careening towards the public domain, Batman, Mickey Mouse, Superman, Dick Tracy! A bunch are already there, Buck Rogers, Conan, Winnie The Pooh! What does it all mean? An episode exploring all aspects of characters in the public domain. How it works, what is allowed, what is possible and most important, what is coming!

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The Doctor Will See You Now!

With Dr. Strange back in theaters, Rob shines the light on a magical, four year run that delivered the finest depictions of Dr. Strange from the most exciting creators in comic book history! Spellbinding adventures in the Mighty Marvel Manner!

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