The Eternals!

Angelina Jolie! Kit Harrington! Jack Kirby! Rob goes deep into the cinematic adaptation of Marvel’s new Eternals film. What works? How would Jack Kirby feel? What was most anticipated? How does it affect the MCU going forward! Fresh from the worldwide premiere, an extensive examination of the newest addition to the Marvel Movie Pantheon!

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Live From New York Comic Con!

My full panel from New York Comic Con 2021 was particularly fun! I love doing panels and this one had it all! Pro-tips, creating characters, rivalries, longevity and a lively audience Q&A. Plus, learn how my kid gave Ryan Reynolds hard earned box office to Ben Stiller in order to see Deadpool!

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The 90’s Strike Back!

The 90’s was an electric time for comic books with record setting sales from Marvel as well as the stunning launch of Image Comics. A slew of fresh characters and creators combined to re-shape the industry. The young fans of that era have come of age, their collective buying power is driving prices of comics, art and collectibles to new heights! Plus, an encounter with William Shatner!

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Comic Book Feuds! VENOM vs. The Comics Industry!

No character in modern day history has more Fathers laying claim to his parentage than Venom! The fight for Venom is loaded with juicy vitriol and nasty exchanges between multiple creators sharing their version of the process that conceived of the most celebrated Symbiote! Also – notes from a comic con, NYCC 2021!

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The Star Wars

An examination of how George Lucas original screenplay, THE STAR WARS, the earliest incarnation of his celebrated space saga, was eventually realized as both a comic book and a line of toys. Anakinn Starkiller! General Skywalker! Plus a crazy convention story from the past that Rob has never shared!

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