1988! Learning to Fly

A surge of new talent ascends on the comics industry. Young, hungry voices looking to find the platforms to boost their artistic signals scramble to get regular assignments. A...

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The “L” Boys!

The winds of change were shifting in the comics industry, the old guard was fading and a new class was ready to take the industry by storm. Rob details...

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Untold Tales of Comics!

The Original JLA/Avengers with George Pérez! Neal Adams X-Men Graphic Novel! Kirkman & Liefeld’s Killraven! This week Rob examines the deep cuts behind comic books most infamous unpublished projects!...

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NU Marvel and the End of an Era!

BLACK COSTUME SPIDER GIRL! U.S. AGENT! GREY HULK! As the Bronze Era of comics begins to fade, and the talent flees to DC Comics, Marvel throws a Hail Mary with...

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Jack Kirby! The King of Comics!

The single most dominant force in the history of comic books! No one has had greater impact than JACK “THE KING” KIRBY, the architect of the Marvel Universe, his...

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POWER RECORDS! The Birth of Comic Book Merchandising!

“THE ACTION COMES ALIVE AS YOU READ” a slogan on each and every POWER RECORD, featuring the biggest super hero & sci-fi franchises of an era! Spider Man! Fantastic...

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