Image Comics & The Death Of Superman!

With only 8 comics, Image Comics shocks the comic book world when it becomes the #2 publisher in the summer of 1992! DC Comics regroups from being knocked from...

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The Right Stuff! ( Is It FUN??)

A rousing discussion examining the stand out talents of the age! McFarlane, Lee, Silvestri, Larsen, Valentino, Portacio! Rob goes on a deep dive with guest host Jimmy Jay Exploring...

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April 15, 1992, the day that launched Image Comic books!! What was supposed to be a routine comic book launch, turned into much, much more. Come for the helicopters!...

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What is Image Comics?

It’s the spring of 1992, and the table is set for the Image Comics Revolution. But, what exactly is Image Comics in the first place? What did Image Comics...

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The DC Comics Detour!

The Secret Origin of Image Comics continues! In winter of 1992, the Top 3 Creators in comics struggle to find the next path for their talents. Todd McFarlane, fresh...

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At The Comic Book Movies

As theaters close and big blockbuster movies disappear from the schedule, Rob discusses the history of recent comic book films and their impact. Has “The Fever” broken, will it...

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