Marvel’s Secret Playbook Revealed!

In 1977 Marvel launched a new series that depicted alternate timelines and endings to many of their classic stories. Little did we know how prescient this comic would be, as, over time, the concepts were used to affect actual cannon & continuity, influencing many depictions of Marvel’s familiar icons! The lasting impact of Marvel’s Secret Playbook, WHAT IF? put under the microscope!

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Kang The Conqueror! Bring On The Bad Guys pt. 2!

Kang is coming! No character is as cross-connected and complicated than Marvel’s Tumultuous Time Lord, Kang The Conqueror! Before he makes his live action debut, Rob unpacks all the important history of one of the Avengers most fearsome foes! Also, Marketwatch looks at The Signature Craze!

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BONUS EPISODE: #WandaVision! Agatha Harkness Primer!

BONUS Epsiode! Agatha Harkness is a long standing character within the Marvel Universe, holding important roles and influence with both the Fantastic Four and Avengers! Rob goes further farther in order to catch you up to the extent of her role in the Marvel Universe and her impact on #Wandavision!

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DC COMICS CRISIS! WandaVision shakes it up!

With news swirling about more DC Comics upheaval amidst new ownership by AT&T, Rob dives deep into the practical concerns facing the future of publishing! Plus, WandaVision rocks the Market watch as Scarlet Witch, Vision and Quicksilver back issues fly off retailers shelves!

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Stan & Jack! Comic Book Trends!

Stan Lee & Jack Kirby have the most complicated legacy in the history of comic books. Together they made magic that touches generations of fans. Rob shares his unique view of their controversial creative relationship and offers a new spin on the roles they shared! Plus, comic book market watch with recent trends! Eminem’s entertainment lawyers incredible comic collection!

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Comic Books: Boom or Bust?

The comic book marketplace past, present & future is put under the microscope as we look towards new trends and predict the future of comic book publishing!

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