Marvel’s Secret Wars, Too

Secret Wars! Secret Wars! All the buzz is about Secret Wars coming to the MCU, but which one? The original comic event generated massive sales, spawning a 1985 sequel that is best forgotten. Where did it all go wrong? Also, a profile of the worst comic book store owner of all time!

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The origins of Marvel’s ambitious and controversial attempt to launch a companion X-Men title. Also – The latest on the frenzy behind the DC Comics & Entertainment!

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Fast Food, Comic Books!

Fast Food & Comic Books go together like chocolate & peanut butter. Fans binge burgers, fries, tacos and pizzas all while consuming their favorite comic book adventures. Rob takes you through his own history with fast food and comics as a fan and later as a pro, the taco stands & burger joints where crucial creative decisions on New Mutants, X- Force & Image Comics all went down. Get this one to go!!

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X-Men/Doom Patrol – Marvel Vs. DC pt. 2

Two groups of outcasts, each led by a mysterious man in a wheelchair, their publications separated by a matter of months. Just how much did Doom Patrol influence X-Men? What did the creator of Doom Patrol accuse Stan Lee of and how did Stan respond? The mystery between the two concepts is examined in depth like never before! Also – why there will ever be another venue like Hall H!

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Marvel VS. DC – The Sea Kings!

Our Marvel vs. DC Series kicks off as we highlight the evolution of Aquaman and the influence that Namor, The Sub Mariner had on him from the very beginning! Rob attended Marvel’s HALL H panel and shares all he has seen as well as recounting the events of an emotional, yet triumphant return to Comic-Con!

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