The Numbers! Million Dollar Baby!

Another examination of The Numbers gives us the sale that rocked Pop Culture! A Spider Man page from 1985 sold at auction for 3.3 million dollars last week and has turned the comic book art wheel on its head! Plus, Stephen King’s essay on Dark Knight and a look at the sagging numbers for Batman that stretched over a decade, threatening the future of the franchise!

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The Macho Show!

Macho Culture is exploding! All things Macho are surging in pop culture! Yellowstone! John Wick! One Punch Man ! Networks and studios are scrambling to capitalize on what they call the Macho factor! Marvel comics used to be the King of The Macho Way! Jack Kirby was the most Macho creator of all time! Why exactly is Macho on the rise and what is already capitalizing on its brazen approach to storytelling?!

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Independence Day!

Take a group of legendary talents, bring them together and launch a popular new creator owned publishing line that takes comics by storm, sound familiar? It should, it’s the story of Pacific Comics, 1981! Also, we look forward towards Robert Pattinson’s The Batman and highlight the primary influences that shape it!

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Untold Tales Of Image Comics! Pt. 1!

Just how close were you to getting theme park rides featuring Image Comics? How about Live-Action arena tours featuring your favorite Image characters? Closer than you will ever know! It’s time to unearth the unspoken stories for The Untold Tales of Image Comics! Our celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Image Comics continues!

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A World Without Image Comics pt. 1

For 30 years, Image Comics has been a catalyst for tremendous change throughout the comics industry. But what if, it all never happened? In celebration of its 30th Anniversary, we follow the roads less traveled and examine a world without Image Comics?

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Spider-Man: No Way Home!

A Non-Spoiler filled discussion of the latest Spider Man film to close out the year and our 2nd season! Rob shares his for this epic installment for the wall crawler and his enthusiasm for a movie he believes is the end of the year celebration we all hoped for and deserve!

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