Bad Management!

A call in the middle of of the night from a group of foreign artists sets in motion a revelation of terrible mismanagement and talent that is being taken advantage of. A cautionary tale that has to be heard to be believed!

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Godzilla! The Marvel Age!

Remember when Godzilla battled The Avengers? Thor! Black Widow! Iron Man! The Fantastic Four? It was mind-blowing and spectacular and all a result of a Golden Age of Godzilla revival in toys, cartoons and comics that came about from 1977-1979! Marvel & Godzilla were a potent combination of two powerful brands, electrifying fans, as recounted by Rob in today’s exciting installment!

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1992: A Year to Reckon With!

Every pop movement has a seminal year, a period that is viewed as a seismic shift in how the art was created, distributed and received. A new book,Rock On The Water, claims that 1974 was such a year in music, tv & film. Rob believes that 1992 is the date for comic books and breaks down why. Also – Falcon! Bucky! Invincible!

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The Passion Of The Comics!

Passion drives those with talent and vision to never cease creating. Is it your passion or is it your pass time? An examination of comic book creatives and the passion that drives them.

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Comic Creator Authorship! Bucky Barnes!

Bucky Barnes made his debut alongside Captain America from legendary creators Joe Simon & Jack Kirby in 1941! Sebastian Stan has portrayed the classic comic book icon since Captain America:The First Avenger, and currently on Marvel’s Falcon & Winter Soldier. Bucky Barnes rich, storied history is given the spotlight it deserves! Plus, the future for Zack Snyder’s vision of Justice League discussed!

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