1974! ATLAS SHRUGGED, Part 1

Did the owner of Marvel Comics really start a rival comic company after feeling betrayed by Stan Lee? Did he assemble top flight creators to launch his new label? Neal Adams! Steve Ditko! Wally Wood! Howard Chaykin! Larry Hama! The saga of Atlas Comics demands your attention!

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Marvel/DC Special Delivery! How The Comics Are Made!

Pull up your desks and get ready to take notes! Comic Book Distribution has taken many forms over the years and currently it’s in flux as publishers change directions. Where is the future of comic book publishing and distribution headed? Rob shows you the way!

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Marvel & DC: Editor Panel 1981! Avatar!

Rob goes back in time 41 years, examining a Marvel & DC combo editorial panel from San Diego Comic Con, 1981! Roy Thomas, Frank Miller, Jim Shooter, Louise Simonson & Denny O’Neil offer the Marvel & DC Comics methods of creating comics! Its a stark contrast to the way comics are presented today! Also, AVATAR, the legacy and success of Jim Cameron!

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Competitive Creators!! Film, Music, Comic Books!

We take a walk on the competitive side of The Arts! Music! Movies! Comics! Competitors All! Steven Spielberg! Francis Ford Coppola! James Cameron! John Byrne! Howard Chaykin! From comics to film, the beefs and boasts to remember!

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The 10 Ways Dark Knight Changed Batman Forever!

Frank Miller’s Dark Knight arrived in 1986 garnering universal praise & critical acclaim. It has stood as the most transformative work for the character, permanently altering him from the Caped Crusader to Dark Knight Detective. The Dark Knight informed Batman’s cinematic future and all that followed. Rob shares the 10 major changes introduced in Miller’s visionary tale that affected not only Batman but the comics and entertainment industry at large.

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Star Wars to American Flagg! A Visionary Arrives!!

Rob covers the most important work you’ve never heard of. In 1983, visionary creator Howard Chaykin, artist of the original Star Wars adaptation, launched his creator owned magnum opus, American Flagg! A graphic experience like no other, with no capes or superpowers, Chaykin’s work on Flagg! from layouts, page design, costumes, characters & concept informed all that followed including Dark Knight and Watchmen.

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