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Summer of X: Mutant Genesis

1991 ushered in a revolution for the X-Men titles as Marvel launched the Mutant Genesis event! The result was 2 record setting titles and over 12 million sales between...

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HOT TOPICS! She-Hulk! Superman! Good Jeans!

She-Hulk, streaming soon on Disney Plus, first landed in 1979, Rob discusses the secret origin behind the creation of a female Hulk! Praise for the legendary Dan Jurgens and...

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The 90’s Roundtable!

VENOM! BISHOP! DEADPOOL! DARKHAWK! A new age of comic book anti-hero arrived in the 1990’s! The West Coast Mafia Of Creators! The West Coast “Style” of drawing comics! Rob...

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The Cable Guy! Part 2

As Cable’s popularity skyrockets, Rob tracks the trajectory of his dynamic new creation. As everyone at Marvel tries to get in on the action and capitalize on the momentum,...

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The Cable Guy! Part 1

The 90’s Storm of New Talent and Characters strikes the industry with a bang! A mysterious new figure emerges to shake things up in the X-Men Universe, the brainchild...

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The 90’s!

The Decade of Dominance arrives! Sales shattering comic books and characters arrive on the scene! Bold new creators hit it big and change the comic book landscape forever! The...

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Fighting American, Part 2: Victory!

With Marvel’s frivolous lawsuit to prevent publication of the all new Fighting American defeated, Rob releases a new comic series to much acclaim. The best and biggest names in...

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Fighting American! Part 1

In the immediate aftermath of Heroes Reborn, Rob Liefeld pacts with Joe Simon & Roz Kirby, the widow of Jack Kirby, to bring back the legendary patriotic icon, FIGHTING...

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Heroes Reborn: Roundtable Wrap Up!

All things Heroes Reborn related are parsed and dissected as Rob and Jimmy discuss the thrills, chills and behind the scenes turmoil surrounding this seminal event in the history...

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Heroes Reborn! Part 4: FALLOUT!

With the team of Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee broken apart, the Heroes Reborn event limps to a disappointing conclusion, hampering Lee’s attempt to merge Marvel and Wildstorm. Marvel...

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