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The Secret History of Image X Month!

Image X Month arrived in Sept. of 1994, a once in a lifetime switch of creative teams on established titles, which creator was taking on what title was supposed to remain a mystery until the comics were released. Now it can be told, the secret history of Image X Month! Why did it happen? How did it come together?...

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The Gangs Of Comic Books!

Comic books went tribal in the 90’s! Image! Legend! Bravura! Cliffhanger! Guerilla! CrossGen! Everyone searched for a niche hoping to become a label that promised to deliver the next big thing. Rob and Jimmy discuss all the Tribes in comic books, the one’s the held together and the one’s that fell apart.

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The DC Dilemma pt. 2! The True 52!

The DC 52 initiative was intended to launch a new Golden Age for the storied publisher, one that would make it more competitive with Marvel. The center of the launch failed to hold, pressure quickly mounted and tensions flared. Rob brings his first hand account to the lunacy permeated throughout the line as micromanagement created dissension among the ranks....

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The DC Dilemma!

In the world of publishing, DC Comics has been the hot button topic of 2020! The year kicked off with the surprise firing of Publisher Dan Didio, an abrupt restructuring of DC under new owner AT&T followed. On top of it all, they drastically altered the distribution of their comics to consumers. Now in the face of new...

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Robert Kirkman!

No creator has impacted the last 20 years of comic books more than acclaimed author Robert Kirkman. Bursting on the scene with Invincible and The Walking Dead, he quickly established a singular voice that has carried his vision well beyond our local comic shops and into the upper echelons of pop culture. The Walking Dead is a phenomenon with...

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Making Comic Books!

Comic Books! We love ‘em and the epic tales they tell, but what exactly goes into shaping a particular body of work? Watchmen. X-Men. Fantastic Four. Justice League. No two were constructed the same. Rob conducts an examination of the process and methods various talents take in their approach to making the comic books you love! Plot? Full Script?...

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COMIC-CON! The Con Game!

Comic-Conventions are an institution that have grown in importance, influence and stature. They unite pop culture enthusiasts all over the world. In a year without conventions of any kind, Rob looks back on his own experiences, starting at age 12, across 40 years of attending conventions as both fan & professional and the relationships formed along the way.

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A casual call to solicit a team up of Image Comics Youngblood with Valiant Comics Bloodshot grows into something much greater than originally anticipated. It’s a big giant inter-company crossover party! And how does Aerosmith figure into all of it! DeathMate delivers!

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