Comic Book License to Thrill!

Following the tremendous success of Marvel’s STAR WARS adaptation, the dam broke wide open and the company became the premier outlet for the best and most popular licensed material! Toys, movies, tv shows filled Marvel’s publishing schedule and Marvel rose to meet the moment by assigning the TOP TALENTS within their stable to produce what would be a formidable roster of best selling titles! STAR TREK! BATTLESTAR GALACTICA! ROM! MICRONAUTS! G.I. JOE! TRANSFORMERS! LOGANS RUN! GODZILLA! INDIANA JONES! 

About the Author
Rob Liefeld’s legendary career began at the age of 18 years old. Fresh out of high school he was hired by both Marvel and DC Comics where he began laying the foundation for a resume that would define a generation. Among the most popular of Liefeld’s creations are Deadpool, Cable, Domino, X-Force, Youngblood, Supreme, Prophet and Glory.