As The MCU prepares to welcome the mysterious Moon Knight into their ranks, Rob goes all the way back to the beginning, behind the scenes with Moon Knight’s creators, sharing the inspirations and motivations that brought the Moon Knight character to life. The author’s share the challenges and the triumphs in creating a mythology that has thrived for over 47 years. Did Marvel encourage the Batman comparisons or discourage the similarities between the two? Just how much was Moon Knight outselling all other Marvel comics as well as the Caped Crusader himself?

About the Author
Rob Liefeld’s legendary career began at the age of 18 years old. Fresh out of high school he was hired by both Marvel and DC Comics where he began laying the foundation for a resume that would define a generation. Among the most popular of Liefeld’s creations are Deadpool, Cable, Domino, X-Force, Youngblood, Supreme, Prophet and Glory.