Endings matter! Finales can be a resounding success, perfectly punctuating everything you enjoyed about a comic, book or film or sour you with a poorly received effort! Rob discusses some of the most profound endings in comics and filmed entertainment as well as a few that didn’t quite stick the landing! 

About the Author
Rob Liefeld’s legendary career began at the age of 18 years old. Fresh out of high school he was hired by both Marvel and DC Comics where he began laying the foundation for a resume that would define a generation. Among the most popular of Liefeld’s creations are Deadpool, Cable, Domino, X-Force, Youngblood, Supreme, Prophet and Glory.
1 comment on “Sticking The Landing!
  1. Chris G. says:

    Hey, Rob.

    I have really been enjoying your podcast! It is informative, entertaining and so cool. I really enjoy hearing your perspective on the history of comics and all the Ins and Outs of the biz. I came to comics late in life (thank you Mr.Kirkland and TWD!) — I am currently in my late 40’s — due to a bad childhood experience at my local comic book store … long story short, apparently based on my lack of experience and knowledge of comics as a kid, I wasn’t welcome. Anyway, that’s the past! Again, thank you so much for sharing your passion and stories with us. I am a huge fan and at every opportunity, I’m telling people to check out your podcast! Please keep up the amazing work, Rob!

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