Angelina Jolie! Kit Harrington! Jack Kirby! Rob goes deep into the cinematic adaptation of Marvel’s new Eternals film. What works? How would Jack Kirby feel? What was most anticipated? How does it affect the MCU going forward! Fresh from the worldwide premiere, an extensive examination of the newest addition to the Marvel Movie Pantheon! 

About the Author
Rob Liefeld’s legendary career began at the age of 18 years old. Fresh out of high school he was hired by both Marvel and DC Comics where he began laying the foundation for a resume that would define a generation. Among the most popular of Liefeld’s creations are Deadpool, Cable, Domino, X-Force, Youngblood, Supreme, Prophet and Glory.
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  1. Kev Treuer says:

    Wow! Loved this trip through the Eternals Movie! Thanks a ton for posting the NYC panel! Was planning to be there but couldn’t be so that was a great consolation prize! I’m a ’67 baby as well and have followed you since Hawk & Dove, nearly lost my mind for New Mutants and X-Force and was there for opening day of Image!! Just love the enthusiasm you bring to the podcast as a fan then, KAPOW, you hit us with the insider information!! The single best podcast I listen to… and I listen to many! Officially addicted! Keep the Bronco Bucking, Rob! Thank you for the years of stories and visuals!

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