As unimaginable as it seems in our modern age of technology, many incredible works, almost all of them adaptations, are out of print with little hope of being restored. Battlestar Galactica! ROM! Logan’s Run! These are chief among the very best sci-fi series adaptations that are inaccessible, representing the finest of the Forbidden Fruits! Rob runs down the best of the uncollected editions!

About the Author
Rob Liefeld’s legendary career began at the age of 18 years old. Fresh out of high school he was hired by both Marvel and DC Comics where he began laying the foundation for a resume that would define a generation. Among the most popular of Liefeld’s creations are Deadpool, Cable, Domino, X-Force, Youngblood, Supreme, Prophet and Glory.
3 comments on “The Forbidden Fruits!
  1. Thomas Price says:

    Just finished listening to this Robservations episode and it was fraking Awesome! Just another really entertaining deep dive into comic book history. Logan’s Run is the best comic book adaptation of a movie. You are so right on that. Mine are signed by George and I will never part with them. I have always wondered about the cliff hanger announcement that the next issue would feature the return of….? WHO was it going to be? I wish I could attach a photo of my copy of Richard Hatche’s BSG novel Armageddon. I actually have all seven of his BSG books and each has a gold stamp signature page that he would put in each time I saw him at SDCC. Keep up the good work. Please cover the Warriors Of The Shadow Realm Marvel Super Specials at some point. They are so well done.

  2. This was great! I loved all these comics. I really appreciate how Rob takes me down memory lane. Remembering all these wonderful comics I read but are now a distant memory. He fills in an incredible amount of backstory and details that make the entire experience fun again. Thank you.

  3. Mike Pickwick says:

    Rob…just finished The Forbidden Fruits last night. In a word..loved it! (Okay that’s two words) Thx!!

    I was a huge Rom fan as a kid but didn’t know the toy came first…I had always thought the comic was first. Rom was a fantastic character and I bought up every book (I think I have the full 75-issue run..need to go look thru my collection). None of my friends were into Rom so I’m glad to hear I wasn’t the only fanatic. I got the new series which was good but I agree the Marvel character was much better.

    And.. Logan’s Run. How did I not know there was a comic version? I have always loved the movie and watch it every time it’s on. I recently listened to the audiobook for the first time narrated by none other than Michael York. Fantastic story! Based on your description now I need to try to find the first five issues of the comic.

    Thx again for sharing your love of comics and providing the extra background that not all of us know about!

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